About Our Craftsman

September 10th, 2011 by M G

Don Walser: The Fergus Furniture Guy

Don’s grandfather, to use Don’s words was a “furniture man”.


He started working with furniture before the war right when he came over from Lichtenstein, first living in Kitchener, ON and then moving to Elora ON, where he worked at the Elora furniture factory. When he moved over to Mundel’s, it became a family affair. Don’s father worked on the cabinet floor, which would be the “assembly” floor in today’s terms, one of his uncles worked in the raw wood dept, another on the machine floor, a third uncle was a supervisor in the upholstery shop, and still a 4th uncle was a supervisor!


In 1948, Don’s father left the factory and began his own business called: “Roy Walser Refinishing”, and his grandfather in later years came to work at the business. Don started helping out as a little boy, sometime in the mid 60s, delivering furniture in the same 1949 Ford Pick-up truck he still has on-site today. When Don was a kid, he worked at the shop with his dad every summer until he was out of high school, and then continued working with him for 20 more years, learning all there was to know about “real” furniture, and how to properly build and repair it.


When the demands of a young family required better benefits, he worked at a paint shop, keeping the business going as a hobby. In 2000, once his kids were more grown, he started accepting piece work-occasional pieces and antiques to refinish or repair.


Don Hard at work-doing it the old fashioned way!



Don says:

“Local residents bring their important pieces to me, because they trust I will do right by them-and that my work is top notch. It doesn’t hurt that I genuinely love what I do. In all these years of taking care of customers’ furniture needs, I have never had a complaint. That’s a pretty good track record-not have one dissatisfied customer in 11 years!! I run my business the old fashioned way-on a handshake-just like generations before me. My dad used to write his customers phone numbers on the wall of his work-shed, and I write mine in a book-that’s about the only difference!”